We are looking for insightful and creative Science Writers/Editors

ScienceBlurb: Science News, Breakthrough and Inspiring Stories

Science News: We are looking for insightful and creative Science Writers and Editors to write about exciting breakthroughs in Science. You can join us as a guest editor/writer and work for an exciting multidisciplinary team at ScienceBlurb.  If you would like to work with us remotely, write to us at editors@scienceblurb.com

Your responsibilities: You need to write one article a week or month. And we will pay you $20 for each article. If your first article reaches 1000 views and 100 likes within three weeks, then we will pay you $50 per next article.

Few points to consider before submission of your article:

  1. Your article would be simple language in a concise, compelling way that can be easily understandable for general readers.
  2. Your article could be science news (latest science news across various scientific genres).
  3. We are targeting Science news and stories for a broad audience and expect them to be vibrant and exciting. One should avoid excessive use of field-related technical jargon.
  4. You can write in your own area of interest or expertise.
  5. Your article should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum no limit (average 700 words).
  6. You can directly email your article at editors@scienceblurb.com.
  7. The submitted article will be reviewed and published online at ScienceBlurb.
  8. Your first article due payment will be just after a review or before publishing your article.

Note: For trending science news (Current research highlights), we seek a layman’s excerpt of exciting discoveries in the scientific domain. It may include, as the name suggests trending topics from health and medicine, basic sciences, applied sciences, and technology. We are looking for informative articles–including research summaries- that add to the understanding of the non-scientific.

To learn more about Science news and inspiring stories, or if you have any queries or feedback that you would like to give us, feel free to reach us at editors@scienceblurb.com.

Please visit mScience Magazine at ScieceBlurb and follow on LinkedIn.

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