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mScience Magazine is devoted to sharing raw scientific ideas. We do not seek laboratory-based evidence for these scientific ideas. But, We would appreciate it if these are supported by clues from literature. We would emphasize on creative scientific solutions to real-life problems.  

Often young minds are filled with interesting ideas but do not find a place to share them. The mScience Magazine aims to act as a bridge between these young minds and the scientific fraternity. 

We seek articles with creative ideas and theory-driven research on any aspect of multidisciplinary Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental and Earth science, etc.). Anyone can submit the article. But, priority will be given to undergrad students. 

We also feature opinions and commentary on topics from multidisciplinary science, where authors can give their views on recent scientific discoveries. They can also write a commentary on current real-life problems.

The articles published in the mScience Magazine will be reviewed by experts from respective fields.

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